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13 horror novels

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Fear stories, written in italian and translated in english.

Mystery and horror

Fear stories

Curiosity, fear, interest, the need to know, to discover what is responsible. What mystery attends, finally, the character in front of the dark cave with nothing to shine a light on but a lantern that timidly tries to break into the obscurity. While fear and uncertainty stimulate the need to understand, to unveil, to penetrate into the unknown even if he might not like what hides within.

In any case he will find himself lost in a maze of gothic horrors that form the structure of “Gothic Labyrinth”. Therefore, the reader will be involved and will try to make a light along the way with his own lantern. But, every single one of us owns a lantern that shines its own personal  light.

And so everyone will light up the recesses of the Labyrinth in a different way. In fact every  reader is the man with the lantern whose face we cannot see because he could be…. each one of us.

Original enlightment

Especially relevant was Vincent L. Price, the famous actor and star of many of the films directed by Roger Corman inspired the stories of P.F. Grazioli. Maybe, while he was staying in the city of St. Louis in Missouri.

E-book in epub, illustrated (1.1 MB). 101 pages.
Infine, puoi acquistare la versione in italiano.
Il libro è infatti originalmente scritto in italiano.

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