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The italian thrilling best seller in the english version

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Thriller set in Turin and Montevideo. Solving the disappearence of friend Giovanni.

A new figure of detective

From Turin to Montevideo

A series of events brings keen amateur detective Sandro Serino, to set about solving the disappearance of his friend Giovanni. The trail eventually takes him as far as Uruguay, where he finds himself drawn into a complex web of financial intrigue and personal affairs.

The reader is swept along with the narrator on his thrilling search, every page bringing a new revelation. Until Sandro, a young a Turin resident in search of a better future, finally finds the answers he has been looking for…

But not without one last twist in the tale.

A night of fear

Therefore the night they had chosen was dark and impenetrable, but for a pale half-moon whose light reached them faintly, like a table lamp in a cavernous room. It was regrettable, then, that the last few days had brought a change in the weather, so that shifting clouds now covered, at times completely, the curved face of that pale satellite. There was no turning back now, though; everything had already been arranged.

Lazaro had explained everything down to the last detail. He was to turn left at the crossroads with Via Bulbara and proceed along the avenue. Just beyond the fifteenth tree, was a well-worn path, which he should follow for one-hundred yards. At the end of this, to his right, was a narrower, less visible path, whose entrance he would recognise by the “No Tipping” sign.

Once beyond the pile of waste, which seemed to lie in comical defiance of the sign, he was to follow the path until he reached the villa walls.

Lazaro had also told him not to be deterred by the height: just thirty feet to his right, some missing bricks would provide a convenient foothold by which to scale the wall.

Booktrailer of the thriller set in Turin and Montevideo

Paperbook: pocket, 120 pages,
eBook: epub (230 Kb). Pages: 110.
Illustrated by Marco Cerri.
This book is in the program Kindle Unlimited on Amazon.

Il libro è già scritto originariamente in italiano. Se preferisci, puoi acquistare la versione italiana stessa del libro. Inoltre è disponibile l’audiolibro in italiano.

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