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The cerimonion of the Tea – AudioBook


Audiobook on tea and the Zen ceremony

The sacredness of the Tea

Tea, an infusion that everyone knows, accustomed to cheating on different occasions, cold or hot.

In this story we are transported to the east and we find ourselves in the reality of an ancient Zen ceremony with its multiple meanings with seemingly simple aspects.

Let’s go therefore to discover how much this drink hides on a spiritual level.

Why do I decide to write books

The impulse that led me to write a series of books on’ the East is the fact that these things are full of social but most of the time what you will find are thoughts or stories written without having understood the true meaning of painting the east in the most baroque or staff can perhaps taking away the dignity of a part of the world that neither steeped in daily life.

L’autore Fabrizio Arcangeli 


The reading voice is by Kathryn Pilkington.

The musical background is an original composition by Gaetano Caracciolo.

The audiobook is also in Italian.

Where to buy?

BookBeat, booktopia, kobo

mp3, 21 minuti

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