Love in the Venetian Province


Love and friendship in the beautiful region of Veneto, its scenery and cities


Love and loss

A Novel by Pierantonio Foltran

Love in the Venetian province” is a novel set mainly in a specific area of Veneto, from the Treviso Prealps to the city of Venice, in a period of time that goes from the early 1990s to the present day. The first part of the novel features at least two main characters, Anna and Marco. Both are nearly forty and both, for different reasons, have a strong bond with the mountains.

An unpleasant accident in the forest causes them to meet for the first time and their friendship gradually turns into a deeper relationship. Another accident then forces them to bring their relationship in the open. United by their love, they make the difficult decision to separate from their respective spouses and start a new life together.

The second part of the novel leaves more room for the components of the two families, in particular Marco’s seventeen-year-old daughters, two stunning identical twins, whose personalities couldn’t be more different. Both girls are instantly attracted to Andrea, Anna’s eighteen-year-old son. Andrea and Alessia, one of the twins, begin a relationship which they initially keep hidden from everyone, including their parents and Alessia’s sister. One Saturday morning, at the train station in Venice, Andrea confuses Alessia with Alessandra, only to discover her true identity moments before becoming totally intimate with her. This is an event that wreaks havoc in Alessandra’s life.

In fact, Alessandra feels extremely guilty for betraying her sister, despite being more in love than ever with Andrea. Consequently, she decides to help her friend Francesca and leave for Aleppo to work as a nurse for the European Medical Volunteers Association. Unfortunately for her, after only two weeks in Aleppo the situation takes a turn for the worse. Before this happens, Alessandra sends five emails, one to her friend Francesca, one to her mother, one to her father, one to her sister and one to Andrea, in which she asks something of each of them.

In the end, an envelope containing some photographs and accompanied by an enigmatic card is sent to Alessandra’s mother, closing the novel on a mysterious note.

The Author

Pierantonio Foltran was born in 1961 in the province of Treviso, where he lives and works to this day. He’s married and has two children.

This is his first novel, written partly as a celebration of his love for Veneto, its scenery and its cities.

Digital edition: epub (532 kb)
Paperback (A5) length: 252 pages

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