Eight stories of fear

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Book of fear, eight stories with science fiction’s flavor. Susanna Berti Franceschi is able to capture the reader attention and fear.

Science fiction

Man and God

The fear of the third millennium is more invasive and destructive: it is no longer God who punishes and destroys, but man, through the misuse of science, who will bring about the final catastrophe.

Such a fear is characterised by depression and a sense of inevitability, in which man is the conscious, but equally helpless spectator of his own destruction. These short stories speak precisely of this: the terrifying hypotheses which one famous film defined as “The Day After Tomorrow”, the next day, or centuries or millennia later.
But, as the title implies, they also speak of more than just the human condition, something which has and will always remain unchanged throughout man’s collective journey: they tell of love, of memory, of nostalgia, of marginalisation and the sense of being different.

Stories of Love, Memory and Loss

Thoughts: Chochise and H. P. Lovecraft
A Warm Sun
The Wait
Play with Me
The Menhir

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Format: epub (313 kb). Pages: 57.
Also in italian language

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