The woodpecker



The long and unbreakable bond which joins two people


Libri italiani tradotti in inglese: the woodpecker è il picchio.

A story of an unbreakable bond

Love is beyond the time

This story speaks of the long and unbreakable bond which joins, beyond even life and death. Two people who truly loved and who continue to love one another. The story is told by two people and stands as a testament to the shared love of which this couple narrates. It speaks of the true value of their bond, a bond of symbiosis and of universal goodness. Their love is an unstoppable force of nature, so much so that every hurricane, every storm of land and sea is nothing in comparison.

The woodpecker was flying around and around in front of the bedroom window. Its movements were fast and graceful, punctuated by the sudden displays of acrobatics of which only woodpeckers are capable. One moment pointing its sharp beak skywards, then tucking in its coloured head and hovering for a moment, before suddenly taking flight again and plunging towards the ground.

Book co-authored by two spouses

Gian Ugo Berti and Susanna Berti Franceschi are two writers and also spouses. They authored together the romance.
The translator is Aliette Boshier.
Formato: epub (377 kb). Pagine: 34


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