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The conjecture of Syracuse – II edition


The solution of one of the many mathematical conjectures


Collatz conjecture proof kept busy a lot of mathematician to demonstrate.

Collatz Conjecture proof

An italian mathematician found the solution

The conjecture of Syracuse (better known as the Collatz conjecture) is one of the many mathematical conjectures still waiting for proof. In this essay this conjecture is addressed by highlighting some of its features. From one of these features takes its cue a process that leads to a theorem that proof the results in a complete and definitive way.
With few steps we exit the maze. We reach sea level from high altitudes. We tame the crazy lift of a very high skyscraper.
The solution of the conjecture of Syracuse reveals the magical harmony of odd numbers. It opens new horizons to the number theory.

The collatz conjecture proof was discovered buy Rolando Zucchini: find his books.

This II edition contains the Addition to the Theorem 2n+1 and the Charts of links 5-2999.

Paper book: pocket, 118 pages.
eBook epub (2,5 MB).

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